Juicing - 1 day


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Yogafood Juicing is ideal for those who want to to spend one or more days on energy-efficient, cleansing and strengthening drinks. All you need to reset yourself with 6 various beautiful and uniquely tasty juices and shakes

The Juice Diet contains:

Green Energy ( Cold Pressed Juice)

Celery, spinach, cucumber, lime, green apples, mint, cold-pressed oil

Yellow Energy. Manipura ( Cold Pressed Juice)

Turmeric, coconut water, pineapple, ginger, orange juice, spices.

Red Energy

Watermelon, beetroot, carrot, apple, ginger.

Wisdom (pink shake)

Plant milk, banana, strawberries or blueberries, protein, cinnamon, vanilla.

Love (green shake)

Avocado, spinach, almonds, protein powder, plant milk, ginger, dill

Fibre Juice 

Coconut water, chia seeds, flax seeds, beetroot, pineapple, chili.

Revivies the digestion and release!


Check out the selection of our delicious organic Ayurveda Shoti Maa and Hare herbal teas we have. You will without a doubt find something that suits your needs and what a chakra is calling for.

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