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Feel the energy!

Novo Vita® Multi B+ is a special vitamin B complex that contains a high dosis of vitamin B, as well as other essential nutrients that are scientifically proven to help support your energy release*, mental performance** and healthy skin, hair and nails***.

Novo Vita® Multi B+ contains 8 B-vitamins, C-vitamin, magnesium, choline and inositol. B-vitamins are water soluble and can be taken daily. Multi B+ contains nothing but the active ingredients and can be used by vegans.

Gluten and sugar free

* Vitamin B2, B3, B6, B12 Folic acid, pantothenic acid, C vitamin and magnesium contribute to a reduction of everyday tiredness and fatigue as well as a normal energy-yielding.

** Pantothenic acid contributes to your psychologi- cal function and overall mental performance.
*** Vitamin C, Biotin, vitamin B2 and vitamin B3 contribute to normal skin, hair and nail.


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