3ja daga hráfæðis námskeið með frábæru Kate Magic. 15.-17.sept.

40.500 ISK 

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For experienced raw fooders!

15th-17th of September. 12 attendees. Aprox 40.500 ISK.- per person. (295eur) Tickets sold on: http://www.rawliving.eu/events/5-day-courses.html

Place: Yogafood; Grensásvegur 10

Friday 15. sept

Saturday 16. sept.

Sunday 17. sept

The Superstar course is spread over three days, and carries on from where the Advanced Course leaves off. In this course, we will cover all the really fun advanced chef techniques. We expect that participants already have a good working knowledge of raw food theory and practice.
•       Multi-layered savoury dishes including pizza, lasagne, sandwiches and shepherd’s pie
•       Decadent desserts including truffles, candies, triple-layer cakes and Irish moss
•       Ferments – kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, seed cheese
•       Elixir drinks
•       The politics of food and the regulations surrounding the health food industry
•       A discussion session on bringing more magic into our lives

All participants who complete the course successfully will receive a certificate. Lunch is included on all three days. You will receive a manual to accompany the course; please bring pen and extra paper for making notes. We will have more opportunities for you to get hands-on in this course, and join in with the prepping. Please bring an apron!
The maximum number of participants we can take on these courses is 12, to ensure everyone attending gets plenty of time to ask questions and contribute to the group. Please note, these courses are for people who have already completed Kate’s advanced course and would like to go further. The Superstar & Rockstar Courses cover different material, but there is no difference in the level of the material; it does not matter which one you take first.

Please note, this course is for people who have already completed Kate’s advanced course and would like to go further.

If you haven’t done the 5-day course already & would like to attend, please email ellie@rawliving.eu, detailing your experience, and if we feel you have an in-depth understanding of raw nutrition already, we will be pleased to welcome you.

“I have been a cook, baker and passionate about the quality of food I eat and serve all my life. I never new food could taste better. I am now 11 days totally raw food after being on your course. Loving all the recipes as they sing with flavor, colour and creativity. Having more energy in my day, Thank you for your passion, love and teaching.” Angela Marshall, Edinburgh.

“In four years of travelling round the world eating everything, that’s the nicest thing I’ve ever eaten.” Britt

“I literally learn a zillion new things a day.” Astra, London