Yogafood is a new restaurant in Reykjavik. Whether you want to grab some fresh red beet juice, a green smoothie to take on your trip, or sit down for a healthy lunch, Yogafood has it all. We serve a variety of healthy breakfast items and offer a delicious lunch menu, all gluten-free and with no added sugar.

Yogafood’s concept designer is Thorbjörg, an Icelandic internationally recognized nutritionist, certified life coach and author of many lifestyle books and health cookbooks, the latest is about Yoga and Yogafood. The concept of the food is based on vitality and energy including the 7 chakras, which for those who are familiar with yoga, know that all have their specific meaning and qualities. The juices and drinks served at Yogafood, are made with a specific chakra in mind, and you can choose off the menu according to what chakra you want to strengthen.

The Yogafood concept

We are proud to introduce you to Yogafood. We are all about nutrition in the deeper understandig of the word. We believe that optimun health is based on variation of factors that meets your needs and desire in a wholistic point of view. Taking responsibiltiy for your own wellness is a personal choice and we want to help and support you to fullfill the good health mission for you and your family.

The bodymindfood connection is the 3 pillars which Yogafood is build on. Functional food, inspiration and education and love and relationship.

Yogafood Restaurant

Yogafood is a restaurant serving tasty functional non inflammational food and beverages. Functional because we only use high quality ingrediens that does not mess with your biology but support the body’s natural function with food that the body is designed to eat. Thats why we have no or very little added sugar in our food, its 100% gluten free and dairy free and 80% vegetarian and vegan. We do have grass fed meat in some of our dishes and we serve it twice a week. Yogafood is for everybody.

Yogafood Shop

Our goal is to create a society that meets your needs to be the best version of your self. Yogafood is not only a restarurant but we have also a shop with products that might be helpful and come in handy on your vitality mission.

Yogafood Service Center

Single and families.

We really want to make it easier for you. We are totally awaire of the time factor in most individual and families life. After a day with long hours at work it can be pretty demanding to get in the mall buying groceries, pick up the kids and prepare dinner once you all are home, tired and uninspired to cook. It is a lot easier to grap some more or less unhealthy take away on the way home but not nessacerely the best choice for your health. Let us make the dinner for you!

Maybe you have deminding times beforehead at work or at school and you need something easy but nourishing. We have the solution wheter you want juices, shakes, food, soup or snacks. You just have to order online the day before and the food and what ever you want is ready when you pick it up! It is said you cant buy time or love! Yes you can! It comes with Yogafood!

Catering for Companies

Times are changing and so are people. There is a huge interest in health and nutrition and its growing. Food is not longer something we just need to satisfy hunger, but we difine our selfes with what food we eat and the lifestyle and values we chose to live by. We know that ceratain food can make us tired, confused, owerweight and promote inflammation in our body. And certain food creates the opposite and gives energy, balance and focus, all three factors important for the both management and staff in your company. Let us help you to upgrade the energy and outcome in your company. Contact us for a offer.

Yogafood Inspiration

Look under “events” what is going on. Please contact us if you wish to come and have your talk, lecture or course in our beautiful Yogafood.

Yogafood Community

Yogafoodies is a growing movement of people that share similar interest in the good life lived in responsibility, healthy functional food, yoga, outdoor life, exercise, cold baths, floating, good realationships and realations and to have fun. People that don't take it all to seriously but has good intentions in doing the right thing for me, you, us, them, others, the environment, the ocean, animnals and the world.

Taste the love

My passion is your vitality



Monday - Friday
11:00AM - 7:30PM

Grensásvegur 10
Reykjavík, Iceland

seven primary CHAKRAS

Muladhara - Root

To have the will and desire to live and to claim the right to be here.

When in balance I feel secured and safe. I have good relationship with my body and with my family and friends. I belong here. With healthy foundation (both legs) on the ground.

When imbalanced I feel I am not enough and that I never have enough; security, money, love. I do not like my own body.

To regain balance

Food: Roots, heavy food, warm food, proteins ( fish, meat, eggs, legumes and lentils and almonds and nuts.

Supporting supplements: Fibres. Probiotics. Collagen ( fascia and ligaments). Chondroitin. Hyoluronic  acid. Vit-D3, Vit-K2, Vit-A. Turmeric, Ginger.

Yoga Yamas: Aparigraha. Practice freedom to let go.



To feel. Wanting. To create.

When in balance I feel emotional intelligence. Healthy contact to sexuality and relations. Curriage to change. Coping and dealing with challenges. Enjoying life in different ways.

When imbalanced I feel oversensitive and vulnerable. I feel betrayed. I do not like changes and I resist happiness. I believe that I do not reserve to be happy. Physically and mentally impotent. I have hormonal problems and poor digestion and I feel stressed.

To regaining balance

Food: Ghee or grass fed butter. Coconut oil. Broccoli, kale and Brussels sprouts. Sesame- flax-, and pumpkins seeds. Edamame beans.

Supporting supplements: Vit B-6, B-9 and B-12. Shativaria. Triphala. Probiotics.

Yoga Yamas: Brahmacharya. Practice Moderation and centering energy.


Manipura - Solar plexus

To take action.

When in balance I have high self-esteem and in good self confidence. I take the right decisions for my self. I have healthy relations and take responsibility. Discipline. Creative. I have the energy and urge to make a difference. I admire other's strengths and power.

When imbalanced I tend to be in control of myself, others and the surroundings. I can be aggressive and blame others. I compete with others and se my self as a victim. I give my power to others to get peace. I am afraid, have digestion problems and lack energy and the will to change it.

To regain balance

Food: Roots, carrots, sweet potato, red beets. Chia seeds. Fibers from grains and vegetables. Small amounts of rye and quinoa, millet and brown rice. Lentils and beans. Water. Proteins. Good healthy fats. Regular meals. Eat want you want to eat. Let go of control.

Supporting supplements: Ashwagandha. Lecithin granulat. Ginkgo Biloba. The De Minth, Green tea, Matcha tea.

Yoga Yamas: Asteya. Practice Contentment. Generosity.


Anahata - Heart

To love and be loved.

When in balance I am loving and caring. I can give and receive love. I show compassion without feeling “sorry for”. I am accepting. Happy. Centered in a healthy personal core. Trusting. Not judging. Thankful for life.

When imbalanced I am addicted to other's opinions, love, acknowledge. I am jealous and a “pleaser”. I am afraid for close boundaries and commitments. Anti social. I am not worthy of love. I have heartache, high or too low blood pressure.

To regain balance

Food: Almonds and nuts, sardines and other fish. Artichokes, celeri. Turmeric. Ginger. All green vegetables, salads and fresh spice herbs.

Supporting supplements: Antioxidants; acai, camu camu, astaxanthin, Q-10 and PQQ. Magnesium citrate. Wheatgrass and Spirulina.

Yoga Yamas: Ahimsa. Practice Kindness and tolerance.


Vishuddha - Throat

To express myself, to speak, speak up for myself and to be heard.

When in balance my voice is clear and I communicate well. I honor the truth, I speak the truth. Others regard you as thrust worthy. They listen to what you have to say. You are a good listener. You also know when it's best and wise not to speak.

When imbalanced when I talk too much and when I do not bother listening to what others have to or need to say. I overreact. I go with gossip and talk behind others back. I cannot keep a secret. My creativity does not come from a authentic place.

I am afraid to speak and to speak up for myself. I am afraid to express my opinion or I don't have any. I am super shy. I am a pleaser and run with others instead of doing what I really want.

To regain balance

Food: Seafood, seaweed, medical mushrooms; shiitake, maitake, cordyceps.

Supporting supplements: Selen, zink, Kelp, Spirulina, vit D-3

Yoga Yama: Satya; practice truth on every level


Ajna - Third eye

To see. To be the witness and to observe.

When in balance I am intuitive and have vision for the future. I have good memory also of my dreams. I feel connected to higher purpose in life and being part of wholeness or “oneness”. I am a good teamplayer and value the power of lifting together. I observe and I am witness to life.

When imbalanced I have a hard time concentrating and poor focus. Headache. I have over-imaginary thoughts and believes in things that are rarely fact of reality. I have bad dreams and sometimes nightmares. Obsessive thoughts.

To regain balance

Food: Healthy good quality fat; ghee, grass fed butter, coconut oil, cacao nut oil, DHA and EPA from fish

Supporting supplements: Grass fed Whey Protein Powder, DHA oil, PQQ

Yoga Yamas: Satya: Practice the truth and clarity


Sahasrara - Krone

To know.

When in balance my circadian rhytm works in harmony with nature. I am connected with the spiritual self. I am wise and intelligent. I am present. I am able to ask questions, to answer and to reflect and come to a conclusion. I am open-minded also to others and to new ways to see and investigate the world.

When imbalanced I get too over intelligent, over religious or spiritual and addicted. Confusion. The head is separated from the body. You live in your own head. It is hard to be present. Difficult to learn. Spiritually unsecure. Closed mind.

To regain balance

Food: Water. Turmeric, ginger, fresh juice all colors, berries, herbs.

Yoga Yamas: All of them in balance “oneness”.



Svavar Örn

Muladhara Chakra, the root chakra. I'm usually pretty grounded but when I realize that I have finished a whole bag of candies I know it’s time to call Tobba! That is my power of will taking over, which is definitely a talent I have deep in my roots. We need to nourish our roots with self-care and love, not only for our loved ones but for ourselves. Seeking help when necessary is a part of it.  

Unnur Valdís

Svadhisthana Chakra. Chakra Center of passion and creation. Center for emotions, intimacy and connectivity. When this power station is in balance, I gain the power of letting go and get more connected to my feelings. Be flexible and trust the progress and flow of life. Water is Svadhisthana's element and like water, I am flowing freely through life, finding the way to creativity and passion and a trusty and good relationship with my feelings.

Helgi Freyr 

Manipura Chakra, the city of jewel. To maintain strength and stability in arm balances and inversions, this chakra must be well connected. This strength and stability is therefore very important when connected to the action of movement while moving from one shape to the next. In my mind, this is one of the most important aspects of my hand-balancing practice.

Ingibjörg Stefáns

Anahata Chakra, this chakra center is located in the center of the chest, where my beautiful drum beats, THE HEART. It is so beautiful to connect to this chakra station and important as well. We are way too often stuck in our heads where thoughts flow in and out without any control. I love it when I can bring my attention, notion and feelings down to my heart. It calms me and rejoices, and makes me love myself.  I sometimes use an Indian drum in yoga, to get people to breathe deeply and regularly. Something amazing happens when this chakra station opens and grabs other people and the universe.


Vishuddha Chakra, the voice and clear communication. For me, pure and clear expression is one of the most important things I get as a singer and musician. Whether I am using the voice to share emotions or create music, I am always looking for clarity and honesty in all I do.

AUÐUR Bjarna

Ajna Chakra, the third eye. When I want to calm my mind and strengthen the forehead chakra I like to do exercises where the forehead rests on the floor, for example in the child, forward bending etc. And of course meditate. In the third eye I feel the fragrance of the true self, endless wilderness and identify myself as a part of a larger unity.


Sahasrara Chakra, the crown. Happiness is available for all of us. As love is, happiness or bliss is energy and a part of it is brain chemistry produced in the crown of your head. Happy molecules can be switched on by several things as certain food, supplements, exercise, meditation, cold baths, happy people, yoga of course and affirmation that serves you. You can easily switch them off too, with all the opposite. The beauty of happiness is also, that it´s  about choice. Like most other things in life. Make a wise one.